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Give your pet nutritious and delicious all natural, herbal based dog treats for health and enjoyment. Our arthritis relief and diabetic dog biscuits contain gentle healing herbs that taste good and help maintain good health for your pet. You will also find timely information on canine diseases, particularly for geriatric dogs, links to new dog products and to other recommended dog healthcare sites. Articles on dog nutrition, alternative pet care and natural pet care can also be found within these pages.

The Old Dog Cookie Company has been helping dogs for two decades. We offer Diabetic Cookies and Arthritis Relief Cookies.  Each product is specifically formulated with the best known natural ingredients essential for promoting wellness for  specific health conditions.

We are proud that our customers trust us to help care for their pets. We have customers all over the US who approve of the ingredients in our products and the results they see in their dogs.  Many of "our dogs" have been enjoying Old Dog Cookies for years.  Check out our Dog of the Month and Comments pages.  Our commitment to health and wellness is based on premium ingredients, small batch baking, and an abiding love for "man’s best friend".

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"Proper dog nutrition can aid the overall health of aging pets and help alleviate symptoms of arthritis or diabetes. I believe in the OLD DOG COOKIE products and have seen the positive results they have on my aging patients. I recommend them for all of my patients." 
Joseph Maynard, D.V.M., M.P.H
Kennebunkport, ME
Maine Made - America's Best!Visit Old Dog Cookie Company on Facebook.2010 Winner - Best Products FIDO Friendly Magazine
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Bretelle & Charlie
January 2015

“Bretelle our 11 year old (boxer) and Charlie our new boy (Mini Schnauzer) who wandered onto our farm and was  very sick. Turns out he was a diabetic and in need of a home. After getting him the care he needed then needed a safe treat. I  searched high and low to find a treat that both of them could enjoy...they love them and I am at peace with being able to give them a healthy treat that will not harm either of them. Charlie has a home for life with us and your cookies have a home for life in our treat program.Thank you for making these available to all."
~ Helyn Of Science Of Motion,  Eatonton, GA

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"Jef; thank you so much for this information. We'll be seeing her ( Vet) soon and will discuss this with her.  I wish every business I deal with would be as customer service oriented and helpful as you have been!  Again, many thanks,"
~ Martha A. (December 2014)

 "As you can see, we are one of your steady/faithful customers..... Just want to share Kallie just turned 13 yrs old. She is doing great now, she is totally bling and loves, loves your cookies. She gets hers as a snack around 1-2 in the afternoon and about 4-5 of them later. Also, when she has a seizure and trying to get her ok when she’s able always try's few cookies has worked every time. Unfortunately,  because she seems to come out of them so fast and is alert and up and walking  all the Drs seem to think she may have a brain tumor... She doesn’t have them often thank GOD!! She’s my baby, got her at 8 wks.  So sorry this is so long!! Thank You again for these miracle cookies."
~ Gail, Mar Vista, CA (November 2014)

 "We love you guys!  Waited too long to reorder so the sooner they get here the better.Thanks for offering a fabulous product.  Gracie loves the cookies more than words can describe.  She's constantly begging for more and most times we can't resist."

~ Jennifer, Vineyard Haven, MA (October, 2014)

 "Squeaky loves, loves, loves  his cookies! I took him to the ophthalmologist and after almost a year of diabetes, he still has normal vision. These cookies do not increase hos blood sugar levels. I recommend your cookies for other diabetic paw friends and give them as samples to try. Squeaky gets one cookie after his insulin shot twice a day. These cookies are the only treats he receives and they are vet approved!"

~ Tracy, Malvern, AZ (Sept. 2014)

 "I found you by accident and ordered a small container for my 4 year old Maltipoo diabetic dog Scampy. He loved them! I have checked his blood sugar several times after he eats one and the cookie does not increase his blood glucose level! Thank you so much for these cookies and I just ordered a 5 pound container."

~ Melinda, Ontario, OH (Aug. 2014)

 "Made in America has always been my motto for my family and pets. No fear of poor quality ingredients, and the best part is that Roscoe LOVES the cookies more than any other pre-diabetic treat. You have found  your niche for dogs who suffer from both arthritis and diabetes."

~ Janet, Oviedo, FL (July 2014)

 "Hi all - This is our 3rd 5lb. order of the diabetic cookies for Nemo.He loves them. He gets them a couple of times a day, and especially at breakfast and dinner when he gets his insulin.  He really looks forward to them.  My other dogs try to steal them as well.  We love the product and THANK YOU for having a great product for Nemo.  He was always used to his treats before he was diabetic and I was very fearful when he was diagnosed that I would not have something for him.  These are great!!

~ Karen, Lewisville, TX (June 2014)

 "I ordered them for a neighbors dog that has diabetes.  I give treats to many of our neighbors dogs while I take my 9 year old Irish Setter for his/our morning walks.  Papooch had a not so good day with the treats I was giving him and I couldn't stand the look on his face when I had to stop giving him a treat.  That is when I found your company and your treats for diabetic dogs.  The owners have shown them to their vet and they have complete approval to be given.  Thank you for providing quality treats that are good for our 4 legged friends.  I always try to buy American made dog treats/food.  Some of the companies that market their products use produced crap from china and that is hurting the health of pets eating it.  Once again, thank you for the safe healthy treats you produce."

~ Allen, Los Luna, NM ( May 2014) 

"Our Scottish Terrier was diagnosed with diabetes a year ago, she developed cataracts almost immediately and completely lost her vision within a couple of weeks. So we decided to travel to MN to have Dr. Olivero perform surgery to restore her vision. When we arrived for the pre-op check D. Olivero broke the ice with our girl using one of your cookies. She was instantly in love with them. Her surgery went well and he restored her vision to almost 90% perfect. So we have decided to get your cookies as a reward after her daily doses of insulin and eye drops."

~ Nicholas, Appleton, WI (  April 2014)

 "Thank you for checking on Indy.  Sorry I didn't reply sooner, but I was testing the Old Dog cookies out.  From day one Indy loved them.  He is diabetic and I wasn't sure if they would spike his blood sugar.  I can't even find a dog food that works for him..  I have to cook his meals.  The verdict is in, Not only does Indy (and our other dog) love Old Dog Cookies but they are fine for Indy's diabetic and are not harmful for him.
Thanks again for your great cookies, and for your interest in Indy. Indy and his great-grandmother really appreciate your interest."

~ Bobbie, Campbell, CA (April, 2014)
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