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Give your pet nutritious and delicious all natural, herbal based dog treats for health and enjoyment. Our arthritis relief and diabetic dog biscuits contain gentle healing herbs that taste good and help maintain good health for your pet. You will also find timely information on canine diseases, particularly for geriatric dogs, links to new dog products and to other recommended dog healthcare sites. Articles on dog nutrition, alternative pet care and natural pet care can also be found within these pages.

The Old Dog Cookie Company has been helping dogs for two decades. We offer Diabetic Cookies and Arthritis Relief Cookies.  Each product is specifically formulated with the best known natural ingredients essential for promoting wellness for  specific health conditions.

We are proud that our customers trust us to help care for their pets. We have customers all over the US who approve of the ingredients in our products and the results they see in their dogs.  Many of "our dogs" have been enjoying Old Dog Cookies for years.  Check out our Dog of the Month and Comments pages.  Our commitment to health and wellness is based on premium ingredients, small batch baking, and an abiding love for "man’s best friend".

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"Proper dog nutrition can aid the overall health of aging pets and help alleviate symptoms of arthritis or diabetes. I believe in the OLD DOG COOKIE products and have seen the positive results they have on my aging patients. I recommend them for all of my patients." 
Joseph Maynard, D.V.M., M.P.H
Kennebunkport, ME
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May 2015
"My name is Jax, this is my sister Sophie. I'm six years old.I was diagnosed with diabetes a couple months ago. Mom mom found Old Dog Cookie Treats online. I LOVE my new treats! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to have treats anymore! Thank You So Much! They taste great! Mom loves the friendly customer service!"
~ Cindy, McKinney, TX

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"My dog, Mr. Woo cannot live w/o these treats. I accidentally  forgot to order these one time. I purchased protein dog treats at Pet Smart instead. Mr. Woo's blood sugar went sky high. Mr. Woo was diagnosed w/  diabetes 2 yrs ago. I've had him on a strict diet of Z/D prescription food and only these treats. Most diabetic dogs go blind w/in 6 months. Woo has only recently started to lose his eyesight. I attribute this in part to these wonderful treats..."

~ Pam, Desert Hot Springs, CA (April 2015)

 "Since I have been giving Lexi your diabetic treats, her blood sugar levels have gone down considerably. So glad I found them. Thank you so much for creating these treats."
~ Nancy, Black Mountain, NC (March 2015)

 "A bit overwhelmed by Sunny’s diagnosis, yours was the first and only site I looked into. I was so impressed with the family aspect of your business. The photos of you in your kitchen made it very personalized. The descriptions of the cookies, customer reviews, and ordering process made this an all around fantastic experience....Sunny, 1 yr. later, sstill loves them!"

~ Barbara, Oconomowoc, WI ( Feb 2015)

"After being diagnosed with diabetes last June Elliott was put on an insulin injection regime of two shots a day. We change his diet to a low glucose food, took away his old treats and started him on the old dog treats. In December his glucose level dropped to a level where shots were no longer needed! He has maintained this level for the past three months. We are very thankful that you offer a treat that he enjoys and does not jeopardize his glucose level! Thanks again!"

~ Jim, Shakopee, MN ( Feb 2015)

 "Thank you for your cookies. Katy Ann loves them and the Vet approves as she just went through a bout of pancreatitis on top of the diabetes. Don’t know what she would do without her cookies. Lol !"

~ Terri, Owosso, MI (January 2015)

 "Jef; thank you so much for this information. We'll be seeing her ( Vet) soon and will discuss this with her.  I wish every business I deal with would be as customer service oriented and helpful as you have been!  Again, many thanks,"

~ Martha A. (December 2014)

 "As you can see, we are one of your steady/faithful customers..... Just want to share Kallie just turned 13 yrs old. She is doing great now, she is totally bling and loves, loves your cookies. She gets hers as a snack around 1-2 in the afternoon and about 4-5 of them later. Also, when she has a seizure and trying to get her ok when she’s able always try's few cookies has worked every time. Unfortunately,  because she seems to come out of them so fast and is alert and up and walking  all the Drs seem to think she may have a brain tumor... She doesn’t have them often thank GOD!! She’s my baby, got her at 8 wks.  So sorry this is so long!! Thank You again for these miracle cookies."

~ Gail, Mar Vista, CA (November 2014)

 "We love you guys!  Waited too long to reorder so the sooner they get here the better.Thanks for offering a fabulous product.  Gracie loves the cookies more than words can describe.  She's constantly begging for more and most times we can't resist."

~ Jennifer, Vineyard Haven, MA (October, 2014)

 "Squeaky loves, loves, loves  his cookies! I took him to the ophthalmologist and after almost a year of diabetes, he still has normal vision. These cookies do not increase hos blood sugar levels. I recommend your cookies for other diabetic paw friends and give them as samples to try. Squeaky gets one cookie after his insulin shot twice a day. These cookies are the only treats he receives and they are vet approved!"

~ Tracy, Malvern, AZ (Sept. 2014)

 "I found you by accident and ordered a small container for my 4 year old Maltipoo diabetic dog Scampy. He loved them! I have checked his blood sugar several times after he eats one and the cookie does not increase his blood glucose level! Thank you so much for these cookies and I just ordered a 5 pound container."

~ Melinda, Ontario, OH (Aug. 2014)
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Dedicated to the health of your best friend - dog biscuits, holistic dog cookies

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